Great productions are made up of thousands of moving parts and our plans are designed to keep all of them in check. No matter how many projects and users or how much storage you need.

    Monthly Yearly(Save 4 months)

    Yamdu Core

    Perfect for crews or production companies of any type
    265 USD Price per month (VAT excluded)
    199 USD Price per month (Billed annually) (VAT excluded)

    20 Users
    25 GB Storage
    Script Import and Breakdown
    Production Calendar
    Gantt Planning
    AV Script
    Shot Lists
    Shooting Scheduling
    Call Sheet Builder
    Cast and Crew Management

    Need More?

    Tailored to fit all of your production needs
    Customized Users
    Customized Storage
    Episodic Feature Set
    PDF and Video Watermarks
    Resource Planning
    Additional Data Security Features
    Personnel Master Data
    Restrict Access to Sensitive Information
    Story Management (Beta)
    Brand White Labeling
    Customized File Sharing
    Activity Logs
    Credits Generator
    Travel Management
    SSO / SAML
    Dedicated Account Manager
    No refunds will be granted. But you will receive a credit on the first invoice, if you upgrade your subscription.
    What our customers say
    "In addition to the savings potential of an entire employee, you have more time for creative work and avoid the pointless transfer of lists and sending dozens of emails."
    Mark Popp, Production Manager and Line Producer for Buena Vista International, Warner Bros., Universal and many more

    Core Feature Set

    Included in all plans, saving you hours and hours of pre-production.
    1. Excellent Support
    2. Project Calendars
    3. Personal Calendar
    4. Project Templates
    5. Crew Management
    6. User Access Management
    7. File Sharing
    8. Crew Announcements
    9. Contract Tracking
    1. Script Breakdown
    2. Script Import
    3. Shooting Scheduling
    4. Production Scheduling
    5. Gantt Planning
    6. Costume Design
    7. Production Design
    8. Makeup & Hair
    9. Video Player
    1. Location Scouting
    2. Cast Management
    3. External Contacts
    4. Shot Lists
    5. Storyboard
    6. AV Script
    7. Call Sheet Builder
    8. PDF Exports
    9. Script Sides
    1. Tasks
    2. Comment anything
    3. Company-wide Databases
    4. Day out of Days Reports
    5. Fuzzlecheck Import
    6. Movie Magic Import
    7. Final Draft Import & Export
    8. Showbiz Budgeting Export
    9. vCard Import & Export


    We're committed to empowering the next generation of filmmakers and creatives. That's why we offer a sponsored plan for students.

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    Yamdu's media and process-based workflows provide a comprehensive framework for learning and equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in their future careers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I upgrade my plan mid-cycle?

    Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. To do so, access the company drop-down menu and select the 'Subscriptions' option. From there, you can view your current subscription and choose the option to modify it.

    How do monthly and annual pricing differ?

    By subscribing to the monthly payment plan, you will be charged on a recurring monthly basis unless you decide to cancel in advance of your next renewal. We also provide a 33% discount on annual plans. If you choose the annual payment plan, you will be charged once a year, and your subscription will automatically renew each year unless you choose to cancel it.

    Can I add more storage to any plan?

    Yes, storage can be increased whenever necessary.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. You will still have access to Yamdu until your current subscription ends.

    What happens if I exceed the limits of my current plan?

    If you exceed the limits of your current plan, Yamdu will notify you of the specific limit. Additionally, under the “Subscriptions” tab in the company dropdown menu, you can view any current limitations and their status. To increase these limits, reach out to us for assistance.

    Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept a wide variety of credit cards and PayPal for payment. Furthermore, we provide additional payment options for customized subscriptions.

    Do you offer discounts for students?

    Yes, we do provide sponsored plans for students. To be eligible for this, we need verification of your enrollment status. Please reach out to us for further assistance.

    Why don't you charge per user or project?

    Our ultimate goal is to enable your entire team to work seamlessly on Yamdu without restrictions. In the film industry, where crew size can easily grow, charging per user is not a feasible option for most production companies. In addition, our plans do not limit the number of projects you can undertake either, which facilitates comprehensive planning even before a project is financed.

    Where is my data stored?

    Yamdu is fully compliant with GDPR as all your data is stored within the European Union by Microsoft Azure, and your data is not transferred outside the EU.

    Who counts as a user?

    In Yamdu, a user is defined as anyone who can log in. Additionally, it is possible to share information from Yamdu with people who are not users of the platform.

    Do I have to do anything to prevent paying after the free trial?

    No. You don't need to enter payment details before starting your trial and we never take an automatic charge after your trial ends. If you want to continue using Yamdu, you can subscribe directly within the system.

    If you have further questions, please contact us at sales@yamdu.com.